How Did I Learn How To Write A Movie Review?

Recently, a reader asked me through e-mail, "How did you learn how to write a movie review?"

Here's my reply if you're interested:

Honestly, I do not have any experience in writing a movie review. It's a result of a few years of twisting and turning, and finally discovering my own writing and critiquing style. Apart from that, I've watched numerous films of different genres, released in different eras, and produced in different continents; this has helped me to broaden my range and maturity, and consequently, it goes into my writing style.

My early reviews are sub-par. But the important thing is to keep moving on, and gradually find satisfaction in what I write. I've improved over the years, and with consistency, but my works are far from perfect. I still have lots to learn and understand. My ultimate aim as a film critic is to share my personal views on a particular film (good or trash), which I hope will influence genuine movie fans to value it, or to disregard it respectively.

Reviews are subjective (readers may agree or disagree with me), but this generates healthy debate, and offers insight to what a person thinks, as well as discovering certain aspects of a film that one might have hastily ignored. Lastly, the most important part of a review (I've realized gradually too) is to include a score or rating system that is credible and fairly accurate. With that, there's a reliable gauge for comparing films with one another, apart from comparing critics' reviews with one another.

Eternality, 21.7.2007


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