Just To Make Things Clear...

Dear Readers,

Before I release My Definitive Cut, 2007 (the top ten films of the year) by the first week of March 2008, I need to make a few things clear.

1. The above-mentioned list does not equate to the ten best films of the year. It's a personal list which is in no way representative of everyone's views. To be more precise, the list will feature the "Ten Best New Films That I've Seen In 2007", since due to time and financial reasons, I cannot possibly review every new film that's released.

2. I will include two other deserving films in the "Honorable Mention" category that weren't able to make into My Definitive Cut, 2007.

3. Only films that are released during the period of 1st March 2007 to 29th Feb 2008 will only be considered for My Definitive Cut, 2007. The reason is that Singapore often gets new releases about one to two months after its American release. So it's only fair to end the film year just before March.

4. 2007 films that are released in Singapore from 1st March 2008 onwards will be considered as 2008 films and will be refused entry into My Definitive Cut, 2007.

5. Lastly, the ten films that eventually make it into My Definitive Cut, 2007 will be ranked according to merit. So, a #3 film can be said to be a better film than say, #5. But it doesn't mean that #5 film is bad. All the films in the list are arguably the best of 2007. Be sure to catch it on DVD if you haven't.

That's all folks!

Eternality@Filmnomenon Inc.


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