My Definitive Cut, 2008 - Half-Time Report

My Definite Cut, 2008 - Half-Time Report, a recognition to the top 10 films and the best 5 filmmakers for the first half of the cinematic year of 2008. I've critiqued 44 newly-released films from 1st Jan 2008 to 31st August 2008. And I've narrowed it down to 18 finalists. Which films will make it to the final ten?

Here are the 18 nominations (in alphanumeric order):

Be Kind Rewind - Michel Gondry
Black Book - Paul Verhoeven

Cassandra's Dream - Woody Allen

Children Of Glory - Krisztina Goda

Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The - Andrew Adamson
Cloverfield - Matt Reeves
Dark Knight, The - Christopher Nolan
Funny Games U.S - Michael Haneke
Grace Is Gone - James C. Strouse
Horton Hears A Who! - Jimmy Hayward/Steve Martino
Kung Fu Panda - Mark Osborne/John Stevenson
Murder Of The Inugami Clan - Kon Ichikawa
Orphanage, The - Juan Antonio Bayona
Red Cliff - John Woo
Shine A Light - Martin Scorsese
Spiderwick Chronicles, The - Mark Waters
Under The Same Moon - Patricia Riggen
Wall-E - Andrew Stanton

MY DEFINITE CUT, 2008 (1st half)
1. Wall-E

2. The Dark Knight

3. Shine A Light

4. Children Of Glory

5. Under The Same Moon

6. Red Cliff

7. Kung Fu Panda

8. Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian, The

9. Cassandra's Dream

10. Grace Is Gone

Honorable Mention
Black Book


MY DIRECTOR'S CUT, 2008 (1st half)

1. CHRISTOPHER NOLAN - The Dark Knight


3. JOHN WOO - Red Cliff

4. KRISZTINA GODA - Children Of Glory

5. PAUL VERHOEVEN - Black Book

Honorable Mention

KON ICHIKAWA - Murder Of The Inugami Clan


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