The Arts House presents Frame x Frame featuring INNOCENTS

Source: The Arts House

With great pleasure, we would like to announce that The Arts House is presenting Frame x Frame featuring INNOCENTS, for its Singapore premiere from September 26th to October 5th 2013. 

Having recently won director WONG Chen-Hsi Best Director at the 2013 Asian New Talent Awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival, INNOCENTS is a delicate coming of age story about the friendship between two children who are estranged from their homes. 

Transfer student Syafiqah, a Malay girl, befriends Huat, a Chinese boy and half-wild prankster in their teachers’ eyes. Misunderstood and bullied, the two souls resort to the lush jungles and longkangs behind their school, seeking respite from a dysfunctional adult world driven by divorce, drunkenness, and darkness. An exquisite feature debut, INNOCENTS is marked with masterful atmospheric depiction of the worlds shared by the children and the haunting resonance of a tone-poem film. 

The film was praised by the international jury of the Asian New Talent Awards for the director’s “superb control of storytelling and performance throughout the film”. It has also been described as “a touching film that deals sensitively with a difficult subject” (Emanuele Bianchi, SeeSound), that “succeeds in communicating the bewilderment of a generation” (Lorenzo Bottini, Il Cinema Bendato). 

Shot during the monsoon season in Singapore, the 88-minute film features talented newcomer Nameera ASHLEY in a luminous and thought-provoking performance, and CAI Chengyue as the lost half-wild boy who dreams of escape. The film was shot in one of the last original school compounds in Queenstown, the KTM railway tracks and stations on the north-south corridor in Singapore, and in deep primary jungle off Old Holland Road. All the locations have been demolished since production, and some of the last trains that ran through Singapore are captured in INNOCENTS. 


Premiering at the prestigious Rome International Film Festival in November 2012, INNOCENTS has screened at major festivals in Asia, the US, and Europe and is pleased to finally make its way home. For ticketing information, please call ticketing hotline 6332 6900 and check info at 


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