We Can! Arts Fest - End All Violence Against Women

Source: AWARE

Taking on violence against women with art and social media

1 in 10 women in Singapore will face physical violence from a man in her lifetime.  6 in 10 victims will suffer repeated violence.  How can we help?

The We Can! campaign is launching an innovative social media campaign on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November).

Using a fresh new Facebook app and a striking video of bystander action, it will draw ordinary people in to find out more about gender violence in society.  The We Can! Arts Fest will follow on 8 December, bringing art and activism together to break the silence of violence through music, theatre, film and spoken word.

 Social media
What would you do if you saw a man abusing his girlfriend in the middle of Orchard Road?  We tested Singaporeans on a busy weekend, and were not disappointed!  A short video called ‘Would you step in?’ highlights the actions of ordinary people on the street who stepped in to stop partner violence.  Domestic violence is not a private matter, and with more people taking a stand - like the brave people in our video - we can change such attitudes that continue to tolerate violence.

Most violence against women, however, doesn’t happen out on the street.  It happens in a space usually seen as safe and comforting – the home.  Explore “Blk 2511”, our powerful new Facebook app that brings users behind the doors of a seemingly quiet and peaceful HDB block, to uncover stories of abuse.  Listen to what’s happening to women and children every day, at the hands of those we usually trust the most, and answer the ringing call to action.

Arts Fest
On 8 December, the We Can! Arts Fest, themed the silence of violence, will bring activists, artists and survivors together in an exciting lineup of music, theatre, spoken word, film and visual art.

Emerging artists such as Deborah Emmanuel, Jasmine Cooray and Jeni-Louise will present their unique interpretations of the theme, provoking thought and conversation on topics usually swept under the rug and kept silent.  Interactive pieces will give our audience the space to express their views and reflect on change in their own lives.

Witness how victims are constantly haunted by mechanisms of control in ‘Daily Grind’; explore the flaws of beauty myths in ‘Pretty Ugly’, where visitors can enact ideas of beauty or ugliness on models’ bodies; hear stories from social workers, activists and women often unseen and unheard in the ‘Human Library’.

On this International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, We Can! Singapore invites you to be a part of this movement.  Help your readers explore and eliminate abuse through our social media campaign and break the silence of violence at the We Can! Arts Fest.

Click here for the full programme of the We Can! Arts Fest.

About the We Can! Campaign
We Can! End All Violence Against Women began as a six-year, six-country South Asian campaign in 2004, in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.  The movement has since spread around the world, to countries such as Indonesia, Canada, Kenya, Tanzania, and the Netherlands.

In 2013, Singapore became the 16th country to participate in this global movement.  With the tagline ‘Change starts with me’, the campaign uses interactive theatre, intimate workshops and collaborative projects to reach out to individual Change Makers as well as community groups, provoking thought and discussion on the less obvious forms of violence against women.


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