Golden Globes, 2016

Here are my Golden Globe predictions.  Also, I need to warm up for my annual Oscars prediction contest...

Prediction Results: 8/14 = 57%; 11/14 = 79% (if including dark horses)

And the nominees are:

Best Motion Picture - Drama
'Mad Max: Fury Road'
'The Revenant' - winner!

Will Win: 'Spotlight'

Dark Horse: 'Carol'

Well-deserved in all fairness and happy to see it rewarded, though I didn’t see it coming considering that the journalistic ‘Spotlight’ might have been in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s good books.

Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical
'The Big Short'
'The Martian' - winner!

Will Win: 'The Big Short'

Dark Horse: 'The Martian'

Surprising nominee in the first place, and an even more surprising win.  But the silver lining is that the legendary Ridley Scott gets to hold the Golden Globe as producer.

Best Director
Todd Haynes - 'Carol'
Alejandro G. Inarritu - 'The Revenant' - winner!
Tom McCarthy - 'Spotlight'
George Miller - 'Mad Max: Fury Road'
Ridley Scott - 'The Martian'

Will Win: Alejandro G. Inarritu

Dark Horse: Ridley Scott

Went through hell with his cast and crew to put his vision up on the big screen.  No less from one of the greatest and most consistent contemporary filmmakers working today.

Best Leading Actor - Drama
Bryan Cranston - 'Trumbo'
Leonardo DiCaprio - 'The Revenant' - winner!
Michael Fassbender - 'Steve Jobs'
Eddie Redmayne - 'The Danish Girl'
Will Smith - 'Concussion'

Will Win: Leonardo DiCaprio

Dark Horse: Michael Fassbender

This man has been my favourite actor since the early 2000s, and is possibly the most commanding actor of his generation.  Now Leo needs to win his Best Actor Oscar, and everyone will be happy.

Best Leading Actress - Drama
Cate Blanchett - 'Carol'
Brie Larson - 'Room' - winner!
Rooney Mara - 'Carol'
Saoirse Ronan - 'Brooklyn'
Alicia Vikander - 'The Danish Girl'

Will Win: Brie Larson

Dark Horse: Saoirse Ronan

The win was never in doubt, considering Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara would split the votes for ‘Carol’.  Well-recognized, Brie Larson is an actress bursting with dramatic talent.

Best Leading Actor - Comedy/Musical
Christian Bale - 'The Big Short'
Steve Carell - 'The Big Short'
Matt Damon - 'The Martian' - winner!
Al Pacino - 'Danny Collins'
Mark Ruffalo - 'Infinitely Polar Bear'

Will Win: Matt Damon 

Dark Horse: Steve Carell

Another case of split votes between Christian Bale and Steve Carell for ‘The Big Short’, giving Matt Damon a chance to race ahead.  The fact that the bulk of ‘The Martian’ rested heavily on his shoulders speaks volumes of his sheer likability and ability to command the screen.

Best Leading Actress - Comedy/Musical
Jennifer Lawrence - 'Joy' - winner!
Melissa McCarthy - 'Spy'
Amy Schumer - 'Trainwreck'
Maggie Smith - 'The Lady in the Van'
Lily Tomlin - 'Grandma'

Will Win: Amy Schumer

Dark Horse: Lily Tomlin

Again?!  This is her third consecutive Golden Globe win.  Great actress and great performance, but this feels one too many for her.  This was a golden opportunity to reward either of the other four nominees - Lily Tomlin, Maggie Smith, Melissa McCarthy, or Amy Schumer.

Best Supporting Actor
Paul Dano - 'Love & Mercy'
Idris Elba - 'Beasts of No Nation'
Mark Rylance - 'Bridge of Spies'
Michael Shannon - '99 Homes'
Sylvester Stallone - 'Creed' - winner!

Will Win: Sylvester Stallone

Dark Horse: Mark Rylance

Not surprising on the win.  Sly has massive support, and for what he has contributed to popular cinema, this is as best an honorary award he can get from the HPFA.  Would be awesome if he gets nominated and then wins the Oscar for the same category.  He’s one of my childhood heroes.

Best Supporting Actress
Jane Fonda - 'Youth'
Jennifer Jason Leigh - 'The Hateful Eight'
Helen Mirren - 'Trumbo'
Alicia Vikander - 'Ex Machina'
Kate Winslet - 'Steve Jobs' - winner!

Will Win: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Dark Horse: Alicia Vikander

Didn’t see this coming, but this category was all for grabs really with no clear frontrunner. Good to see Kate Winslet bagging her fourth Golden Globe.  Can she nab her second Oscar?

Best Screenplay
Charles Randolph & Adam McKay - 'The Big Short'
Quentin Tarantino - 'The Hateful Eight'
Emma Donoghue - 'Room'
Tom McCarthy & Josh Singer - 'Spotlight'
Aaron Sorkin - 'Steve Jobs' - winner!

Will Win: 'The Big Short'

Dark Horse: 'Steve Jobs'

Aaron Sorkin’s second Golden Globe win after ‘The Social Network’.  If anything, now he is possibly the frontrunner for the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.

Best Original Song
Love Me Like You Do - 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
See You Again - 'Furious Seven'
One Kind of Love - 'Love & Mercy'
Writing's On the Wall - 'Spectre' - winner!
Simple Song #3 - 'Youth'

Will Win: See You Again

Dark Horse: Writing's On the Wall

A surprising win for Sam Smith and his song ‘Writing’s on the Wall’, considering that ‘Furious Seven’ tribute song ‘See You Again’ to the late Paul Walker would have garnered enough votes to pip it over the finishing line.

Best Original Score
Carter Burwell - 'Carol'
Alexandre Desplat - 'The Danish Girl'
Ennio Morricone - 'The Hateful Eight' - winner!
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Carsten Nicolai - 'The Revenant'
Daniel Pemberton - 'Steve Jobs'

Will Win: Ennio Morricone

Dark Horse: Carter Burwell

A well-deserving win for the legendary 87-year old Ennio Morricone, who together with John Williams are my two favourite film composers.  This is Morricone’s third Golden Globe win.  Can he win his first competitive Oscar?

Best Animated Film
'The Good Dinosaur'
'Inside Out' - winner!
'The Peanuts Movie'
'Shaun the Sheep Movie'

Will Win: 'Inside Out'

Dark Horse: 'Anomalisa'

You don’t even need to guess.  One of Pixar’s very best.  It has one-and-a-half hands on the Oscar, barring an upset by ‘Anomalisa’. 

Best Foreign Language Film
'The Club' (Chile)
'The Brand New Testament' (Belgium/France)
'The Fencer' (Finland/Estonia)
'Mustang' (Turkey/France)
'Son of Saul' (Hungary) - winner!

Will Win: 'Son of Saul'
Dark Horse: 'Mustang'

Another one you don’t need to guess.  It has serious traction over the dark horse ‘Mustang’, and is likely to win the Oscar, barring an upset.  Michael Haneke would know all about it.


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