Author's Note

Dedicated to my friends and to all who cherish films.

This article discusses issues related to the unique world director Christopher Nolan has created in his new mind-bending film, Inception. It is a companion piece to my full-length review of the film entitled “Nolan’s Realist Dreamscape: A Review of Inception”.

More importantly, this article seeks to piece the puzzle that is Inception in the most sound and logical manner, built upon theories and rules set forth in the film, and ideas generated by myself and fellow netizens. The aim is to allow viewers to understand and appreciate Nolan’s film with greater satisfaction.

I would like to stress that this article does not provide a one-answer-fits-all solution because Inception can be interpreted in unlimited ways (as long as they are based on sensible explanations). It is up to the viewer to form his or her own conclusions. If this article helps you to achieve that, I would be glad. If it provokes you to think deeper and challenge some of the answers I have given, then this article would have fulfilled its purpose.

Lastly, I would like to extend my gratitude to some of my friends who have, in one way or another, contributed questions, ideas and challenged my initial prognosis of the film. This has allowed me to rethink, reshape, and refine my article, making it (I hope) one of the more convincing articles about Inception that can be found on the web.


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