Inception will be debated for decades by scholars, critics, and just about everyone who has seen the film. A lot of questions will be asked. In this light, I hope my article will provide the answers to most of the questions, especially the more puzzling ones.

There are four sections to this article.

Section 1 (Background) will lay out the groundwork e.g. definition of key terms, theories, film characters, levels of dream etc. so that confusion (read: brain damage) can be avoided later on.

Section 2 (Understanding Limbo) will explain the theory of limbo in detail according to how I perceive it.

Section 3 (Q&A) will give answers to the questions that I have collected from the web and from some of my friends. Please do take note that the list of questions I put up in my article is not exhaustive. I have also categorized the questions based on the general chronology of the film so that it would be easier to find them.

Section 4 (Alternative Interpretations of Inception’s Ending) will explore the various theories surrounding the film’s ending.


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