Q & A: "Cobb's foot chase sequence at Mombasa"

Q4.1) Was this a dream?

Answer: No. If it was a dream, then Eames would be just a projection. Why would Cobb enter a dream to recruit someone who would be part of the team from the start i.e. reality? Conversely, if it was a dream, Cobb would not have panicked when he saw agents coming to kill him; if Cobb was killed, he would merely wake up in reality (and not in limbo) since it could be assumed that heavy sedation was not used for single-level dreams.

**There are arguments that this sequence could be a dream. See Section 4 (Theory #2) for an explanation.

Q4.2) Who and why were the people chasing Cobb?

Answer: They were agents from Cobalt Engineering, Cobb’s former employer. Cobb was wanted dead because of the botched extraction mission on Saito.

Q4.3) Why was Cobb at Mombasa?

Answer: To find and recruit Eames, the Forger, who would be very useful for the inception mission.


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