TERRORVILLE - Make your own choices in this interactive web drama!

Oak3 Films presents a new interactive web drama that comes your way to your computer and mobile screen this December 2012. It is called TERRORVILLE. It is an interactive film/game inspired by the "choose your own adventure" style. You can play as Tom, the Detective, or Mary, the Sister. You make your own choices as TERRORVILLE allows you to decide the next move of your character. Your aim? To solve the mystery...and survive!

[Tom, the Detective]

You must uncover the mystery through killer's reports, victim diaries, audio tapes and hidden clues that will piece up the horror behind TERRORVILLE. 

Synopsis: 5 people receive a mysterious invitation to a dinner party at an isolated mansion. Little do they know what is in store for them. In the midst of dinner, a dead body abruptly crashes through the ceiling. The guests then realize that they are trapped in the mansion - pawn's of someone's cruel game. Before they can react to this shocking turn of events, the effects of the drugged meal seep in. They each black out... and the fun begins.

[Mary, the Sister]

As you play out TERRORVILLE on online platforms, you will be excited to know that it will conclude on television with a telemovie!

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